• I feel like an imposter in my new role and worry that everyone will find out I don’t know what I’m doing
  • I avoid difficult conversations even though I know it negatively impacts my team and career
  • I don’t feeling accomplished or satisfied in my current position and wonder how to reach my full potential
  • I have no one to truly confide in about career issues or aspirations
  • I can’t go on like this -  work is sucking everything out of me and I have no time for my personal life
  • I struggle managing up and leading my team
  • I’m not living up to my boss’s expectations


  • Successfully transition into a new role with confidence
  • Fully realize your strengths and leverage them to become a more effective leader
  • Learn techniques to write and speak like the leader you want others to see you as
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities with confidence and ease so that everyone benefits
  • Help your team function more effectively and increase productivity
  • Learn how to address issues before they become significant problems
  • How to exceed (not simply meet) your boss’s expectations
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“ A journey of professional self-discovery. After looking for an executive coach during a challenging time in my career, I was fortunate to find Megan Walls who through assessments and exercises revealed to me the importance of aligning and connecting my career goals with my personal goals. Megan delivered a well-structured, yet flexible guide for my professional development while simultaneously providing me the means to rediscover, refocus and outline my current principles, values, aspirations and motivations, all without judgment or pressure. Now, after our sessions, I have overcome the challenges in my career and have much optimism for my future, and most important have much more confidence than ever before. “
— Jose 2017
“Having been newly promoted, I was looking for a career coach to help me transition smoothly into my new role. I met Megan at a women’s industry event and noticed she exuded both positive energy and peacefulness, which was the right mix for me in a career coach. Working with Megan has helped me identify my values, strengths and leadership skills, which had allowed me to be successful in my new role. The support and direction I have received from Megan over the last four years has been instrumental in giving me the confidence to move forward in my career.”
— Anne 2017