Master the Job Search

We get what it’s like to feel overwhelmed when you begin a new job search.  We understand the frustration you feel when you don’t get asked back for a second interview.  We know how difficult it is to move towards a new career path when you don’t have a plan or support.  

That’s why we created Jump Start.

Veteran recruiter, Sari, has the insider info you need to know about the qualities hiring managers are looking for in a top candidate and what causes them to pass you over. Her goal is to help you become the ideal candidate.

Career coach, Megan, knows you only get one shot to successfully sell yourself in the interview. Her goal is to make sure you show up prepared, articulate and confident so, you make it to the next round of interviews.

Our Approach

1. Claim Your Confidence

The #1 reason people are hired is for their confidence.  Let us help you increase your confidence and get the job you want.
•    Discover the 8 keys to successfully sell yourself
•    Identify your unique strengths with the StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment
•    Formulate your strengths success stories
•    Cultivate a positive mindset


2. Create Your Personal Brand

A personal brand statement is essential to your job search because it shows potential employers the value you bring to the organization and it’s the foundation for all your marketing material.
•    Discover what personal brand is
•    Write your unique personal brand statement

3. Make a Great First Impression

33% of hiring managers know within the first 90 seconds of meeting you whether they’ll hire you or not. Know what it takes to make a great first impression.
•    Find out the 10 worst body language mistakes and how to steer clear of them
•    Learn how to win over the hiring manager from a recruiter’s perspective


4. Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s essential to have a plan and accountability partners to keep you focused, on track and moving forward.
•    Review a comprehensive checklist to launch a successful job search
•    Draft an all-inclusive action plan
•    Develop a target list of companies and positions
•    Stay accountable with weekly sessions

5. Leverage Your Network

70% of jobs are found through networking.  Learn how to leverage your network and get your ideal job faster.
•    Learn effective ways to build your network
•    Uncover the hidden job market within your existing network
•    Leverage your LinkedIn contacts to get to the decision maker
•    Utilize informational interviews to identify desired career possibilities

6. Master the Interview

You’ve got to ace the interview to get the offer.  The key to a great interview is your ability to:
•    Develop strong interview and communication skills
•    Learn the secrets of excelling at phone interviews
•    Nail the tough interview questions
•    Conquer that ubiquitous question… “Tell me about yourself.”
•    Stop sabotaging your interviews… Learn what you’re doing wrong without even realizing it
•    Utilize role-play, mock interviews and video to further master the interview


7. Negotiate Your Best Offer

Getting an offer doesn’t mean the hard part’s over! Negotiate YOUR best offer and leave the table confident.
•    Evaluate your offer
•    Consider the whole package
•    Negotiate the best salary and benefits