College Grad Wins Favorite Job by Knowing Her Strengths

I’ve been working with a college senior named Sarah since Christmas. Sarah wanted to get a jump on her job search and allow time to specifically target her preferred companies.

We began by having Sarah take StrengthsFinder 2.0 Assessment to identify her top five strengths. Using the results from the Assessment we created her “strengths success stories”, or examples of her strengths in action. Having this information helps boost confidence, identify the right job positions to apply for, build or update resumes, network, answer interview questions and talk confidently about oneself in the interview.

Once we had her strengths identified, we edited her resume making sure it spoke to the position she was seeking and also incorporated her strengths.  Then we took a deep dive into the 15 most common interview questions in order to craft succinct, unique answers that showcased her talents. It was important for Sarah to feel comfortable and stand out in the interview.

Finally, we leveraged Sarah’s summer internship to identify and target positions, people and companies to network with as she began looking for jobs. As she landed interviews, I coached her on the do’s and don’ts of phone and in-person interviews.

This past Friday Sarah made it to the third round of interviews for a position with her top company and I’m happy to report, she got the job offer yesterday! Way to go, Sarah! There is nothing better than landing your first job out of college before graduation day. Needless to say, she and her parents are thrilled!!!

Whether you are a soon to be college grad just beginning the search or have already graduated and are in the midst of your search, I can help get you noticed. Contact me at

Parents of grads are welcome to contact me, too!