Is Career Change Right For You?

For some of my clients, the job is not the problem; it’s their chosen career. They feel stuck and seek guidance in determining whether they should change. Here’s an example where my coaching process led to an unexpected outcome.

I worked with a gentleman who was a project manager for a large manufacturing company. He’d been there ten years, was not happy and wanted out. He also knew what he wanted to do next; he wanted to pursue a lifelong dream of owning a bar.

Start With Strengths

Our first step was to use the StrengthFinders 2.0 Assessment to gain clarity on his strengths, successes and accomplishments. That process helped him identify what he really wanted in a career and make realistic short-, medium- and long-term goals. Doing this work actually helped my client see that being a project manager was a great fit for his strengths, skills, and career goals.

Identify What's Working, What's Not

He then mapped out his current job responsibilities and identified what he liked and what he didn’t. Through our sessions, he came to the realization that although he was deeply unhappy, he did want to stay a project manager in the manufacturing industry yet, work for a different company.

Research Possibilities

We began to explore options for a different job. I asked him to target companies he’d like to work for and identify people he knew at those companies. Through his research, he discovered a friend working at one of his target companies. So, he reached out to this person and asked if there were any openings at that company. The next thing you know, his friend set up a lunch for him with the head of HR to discuss a job opportunity.


Three weeks later, he received a job offer and accepted it. He’s thrilled and excelling at the new job. And his dream of opening a bar? He recognized it is a long-term goal and has put a plan in place to learn about doing this.

If you’re interested in exploring a career change, please contact me at and we will discuss how you can move forward.